Video-Enabled Sales Training at Adobe

Replicating the best practices of your top performers across the sales organization can be a daunting task.  Training sessions often just deliver content and fail to truly model each stage of the sales conversation.  Adobe collaborated with DSG to create videos that illustrate best practices for its sales team.  The practical nature of the videos made them helpful in multiple settings:  making live training more engaging and meaningful; speeding onboarding time; enabling just-in-time e-learning in the field; and equipping reps to hone their skills at their own pace.

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Video Transcript

We engaged DSG to help us understand and develop and approach to training our sales team. We asked some of our top salespeople to come in for a day, a sacrifice for them but they come in for a day, and then we have some of our industry strategy and marketing leadership come in and play the role of the client, and through that interaction model each stage of that executive conversation, whether it's on a whiteboard in a longer discussion or, really, the elevator pitch or two-minute story, and help to illustrate and kind of create some context around the environment in which those types of conversations will occur. Again, it will give the sales people a better way to envision and understand how to apply the training material that we're going to be delivering over the coming months.

We typically in our training have mostly done PowerPoint presentations and really one way communication with our sales teams, and using these videos has done a couple of things to really up-level and change the game in our training. The first is, it makes it more engaging for sales teams who don't know a lot about the content to have a change of pace from instructional to watching the videos. It's very visual. People can learn, and so we find it more engaging initially.

The other thing it helps us do is that we have new sales people start every month, and we can't afford, from a resource and time perspective, to train them all individually, and so we can use these videos for e-learning and self-paced learning, and then, really, thirdly, people go back and use these videos as a way to remember and to hone their craft, so to speak, as opposed to a one time, and they forget it, so the shelf life of these videos, and their ability to be used repeatedly is a real asset for us.

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