Visual Selling

People remember pictures. Why don't sales presentations take advantage of that? Invite conversation with visuals.

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Video Transcript 

So, what separates a meeting customer actually remembers and one that they forget? And what we find is that people remember pictures. So,  we've all heard the conventional wisdom that a picture is worth a thousand words, and it's true. And if that's true, why do salespeople fail to take advantage of visual selling?  Why do they talk so much and just continue to go slide after slide after slide?

What we find is in many cases Marketing has not provided the assets that we need for visual selling. So one of those assets that is really valuable is a whiteboard. So picture your salesperson at a flip chart, up at a dry erase board, and they're building a model that invites conversation. So it could be a PowerPoint build that creates discussion, allows the customer to interrupt. And so people remember pictures, and we can help you create those visual selling tools.

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