vPlaybook Content Manager

Sales content editing and creation is simple with DSG's vPlaybook web app. Easy to use management features allow you to push updates to the sales field instantly with the Content Editor. The Ratings and Feedback feature allow you to capture closed loop feedback from sales. Page templates are customizable to your organization's content needs and brand guidelines. The Reports feature allows you to track sales playbook usage and assign different levels of permissions based on roles and business needs. 

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Video Transcript

The vPlaybook can help your sales team prepare for customer conversations on the go - taking them from preparation to presentation and beyond.

That’s where Ella comes in. With vPlaybook at her fingertips. Ella is a superhero to her sales team. She's able to do more and show more results in less time than ever before. Using the playbook’s content editor she can use customizable page templates to create new playbook sections without using extra IT or design resources.The playbook makes it look like she has a whole team behind her.

With instant updates, it's easy for Ella to push new content to the entire sales team. No waiting on IT. She can view content ratings and feedback within the app, providing a closed loop system where she can receive and act on input from the field.

Ella can create reports within the app. Sales ops and sales managers can also schedule automated reports and receive them via email. Everyone is equipped with data for driving change. And when it's time to add new hires, access is as easy as entering an email address. Instant access with no lag time.

With vPlaybook. Ella can be the superhero her sales team needs. you


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