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Just say “NO” to PDFs, PowerPoints, and CRM plugins masquerading as Playbooks. Next generation playbooks are mobile, video-based, and intuitive. Learn how B2B companies are revolutionizing what a playbook is and how a playbooks are delivered to salespeople and partners.

Watch this excpert of Sharon Little, Sales Enablement Analyst at Sirius Decisions and Tanner Mezel, VP of Strategy & Marketing at DSG, as they share sales playbook insights.

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Video Transcript

Tanner: This is Tanner Mezel with DSG. I'm the head of Strategy and Marketing for the firm. We'll be talking a lot today about Sales Playbooks and what we're seeing, what Sharon Little is seeing around how companies are revolutionizing the whole approach to Playbooks.Sharon Little is an analyst within the Sales Enablement Strategies Practice of SiriusDecisions, completely focused on B2B sales enablement.

And so think about these areas over on the left. This is just navigation. So if a sales person was on an iPad or they were on a laptop, they would go to a simple navigation to go to a section. And so let's just say for example, since insight selling was something that a lot of you voted on as being a topic you care about. If we were to click on the section called trends, this would be an area where a salesperson would go in a virtual playbook, to get smart on a specific set of trends, that they should be talking to their customers about. So I'm gonna keep this muted so that none of this content is distracting. But you can see here in this playbook a salesperson would be able to watch a video of someone talk about the trends that are happening across the industries that we're serving, they could go into one of these trends and get smart and say, "Okay, I'm gonna talk about big data, and so what are some of the questions I'm gonna ask? What are some of the insights? Are there some provocations? But I've got really simple content that I can use to get smart before a meeting and say, you know, I really think this is a topic they're gonna care about. I don't wanna start with me or product. I wanna go in and start with an insight, an idea. Something that's happening in their environment, something their competitors are doing, something that's happening at a level that maybe they can't control, and it's creating an opportunity or a dilemma for them."

We call that "gift of gab". So you're gonna give some insight to get dialogue. This would be a good example of the kind of content we'll see organizations create in their virtual playbooks, that would enable that more insight led approach.

While we're in a real section here, Sharon is there any comment you wanna make on this? Any questions you have on that?


Sharon: No, I mean, I think the thing that's really nice about it is, the layout here is particularly...works for many different types of salespeople, right? So, yeah, one of the things that you have to pay attention to when you're running sales enablement is just, you know, how do our teams like to learn, how do they like to consume content? What's gonna make it easy for them? So the fact that you have, you know, both the visual component here, you have the bullet points, which is again, very much how sales reps like to see content, you know, displayed. You have even sort of the whiteboard components of this. I really like it.


Tanner: Yeah. One thing I'll point out, we're on a webinar and so, you know, video consumed on your laptop would be as crisp as you'd expect and HiDef like on a YouTube. Obviously, on a webinar, I'm sure everything that I'm showing to you, there's a delay and there's some fuzziness to it, just so you're aware.

Let's go to another section that would be...when I think about insight selling, to use a term that Sirius uses quite a bit around personas is, you know, who is the persona? Who's the target buyer that I'm gonna be engaging? And so, one of the things that we'll see a lot of is, setting that up really clearly for a sales team. So for example, one of our clients, this is their Head of Sales, and he's explaining who we're selling to and why, he's talking about these four audiences down below. We're targeting IT, we're targeting analytics, we're targeting a sales leader. And if you go into any of those audiences, you're getting very specific guidance on, when you sell to that IT leader if it's pretty progressive, here's how you do it.

And this is one of that company's salespeople, and she's talking about engaging IT leaders successfully, what they care about. You've got challenges, you've got questions, you've got insights. And it's really about pulling together very practical guidance in a video that takes the mystery out of it. You've got content below for the readers that really wanna go deeper, and an easy way to take five minutes to get ready for a conversation with someone, a particular audience, when you're trying to go in and be insightful, versus talk about product.


Sharon: Yeah, this is such an area that companies struggle with, right? So you'll see, you know, marketing put a lot of effort into, you know, building up their personas. You'll see sales leadership a lot of time talk about, you know, breaking into say the office of the CFO to sell higher and to say, you know, a CIO, and yet because it's not an area of comfort sometimes for a sales team, those things can be difficult to reinforce and to translate.

When you have a tool like this, you know, it's very consumable in a just in time kind of format. So as they're getting those types of opportunities, they can really go in and prepare themselves, you know, providing greater confidence and making that, you know, translation from, "Hey, this is something you really need to do," to something that they're actually doing.


Tanner: No, that's perfect. What I'm gonna ask is right now from the audience is I'm gonna only pick one more section. I'm gonna go into this visual selling area because it's really related to insight selling. And it would be a very good example of how to have an insightful conversation. If you see some topic on the left that you were really hoping I was gonna click on, before I leave, just post that real quick as a question. So I'll... Rachel will remind me and we'll try to hit one more if we can. But I'll just hit this section right here. So, visual selling, some of our clients would refer to their visual selling approach as whiteboarding. Some of them would have an animated, you know, PowerPoint with a really neat graphic that brings the concepts to life, and they would just call that their, you know, their insight visual.

But it's the notion that you're giving the team a lot of clarity on, this is how we're gonna engage. So for this particular client, you've got the executive up top saying, "Hey, you know, PowerPoint's boring. Don't kill customers with PowerPoint questions. We wanna go in with ideas. We wanna go in with a model. We wanna be able to draw a picture that creates a discussion that helps them see a better way." And so, over on the left, you've got some content around the provocation, the themes, the dilemma. You've got a storyboard that shows you what you would draw by step, you know, and a visual of what that would look like as you click through, if you were to show it on a screen.

And then really, the key is to break it down. And so, whether... Just imagine this is PowerPoint, right now it's a whiteboard, maybe it's an insight sales approach, and you've got a video of someone that's doing a web meeting. But the idea is that, whatever it is you're asking the salespeople to do or seeing clients do, is creating these videos of sales people doing realistic conversations. They're having a conversation in step one, they're moving to the whiteboard in step two, in step three, they're digging into the current state, and you can see the salesperson for this company demonstrating how to draw that picture over on the right, and bring that to life. You can see them below talking points and questions that you could tailor, and not memorize, but tailor. It's just a framework, but this would really bring that to life, that notion, "I'm gonna lead with insight. I'm gonna lead this interactive discussion. I'm gonna help the customer understand their dilemma before I really get into exactly what we do and illustrate the value of our approach."

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