What is a Sales Playbook?

What do your salespeople need to execute your strategy? Salespeople need a playbook with practical strategies and messaging, not just process guidance.

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Video Transcript

What is a sales playbook? My guess is that one of two things is coming to mind. One is a sales process guide that maps out disciplines and steps by stages. The other is an enormous PDF document. And those two approaches create frustration for those creating those playbooks and for those that are being asked to use them. Here's a better approach. Salespeople need and they want practical selling strategies and messaging, not just sales process guidance - for how to sell the solution, how to sell the new product, how to tailor for an industry vertical or a particular buyer persona.

So think about a sales playbook that provides video content, written content and tools in four areas. The first is “what to know.” What do I need to know about the customer's’ world? What do I need to know about the trends and pressures they're facing and our capabilities? What to do that's the engagement strategy?  What's the ideal customer profile? What's the tactics for how we're going to sell in this particular instance?

The “what to say” is the story. It's the talk track. It's the insights to create the dialogue. And finally it's the “what to show.” Those are the visuals that are going to create the connection. It's the animated insight. It's the whiteboard. It's the video that prompts discussion.

So here's an idea: bring the right sales and marketing stakeholders together and use this model to explore, what do your salespeople need to execute whatever strategy you're focused on right now. And in the process reimagine what a sales playbook even is.

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