What is a Sales Transformation Program?

How will you implement your "big idea" across the sales team?  Many organizations require a sales transformation program for these types of changes. DSG focuses on the "how" of strategy implementation in four phases - define, build, launch, and enable. 

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Video Transcript 

So what are your big ideas for sales growth? If you are like most of the senior sales and marketing leaders that talk to DSG, we find that you know where you’re going. It could be product launch, a new market that you are entering, it could be a company acquisition. Sometimes it's a new sales message. But you've determined what needs to happen, where the team needs to go. And the question is how your strategic direction is going to be implemented across your sales team.

It's really focusing on the how of strategy implementation. And for many organizations these types of changes require a sales transformation program. And in a sales transformation program we see four distinct phases that you'll move your team through.

The first is define. So defining the problem and the opportunity for change, and building a plan around that to execute across all of your sales channels.

Phase two is around building. So building the right content tools and training in a playbook format that you can then launch those playbooks to your sales teams, leveraging experiential training. So, picture your sales team at round tables, with their managers focused on the strategic direction and playbooks that have been created.

And then Phase Four is all about implementation. So, how can we build upon that momentum that we created at launch and reinforce the change so that it really starts to stick and create results across your sales channels.

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