When do Salespeople Need a Playbook?

When do salespeople need a playbook? If you don’t take time to answer that question, your salespeople probably won’t use the content you’re creating. Start with the end in mind. Think through how your salespeople would use a playbook. This video shares 3 common scenarios where salespeople need playbooks. 

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Video Transcript

When do sales people need a playbook? If you don't take time to answer that question, then your sales team probably won't use the content you're creating.

Let's just say I'm one of your sales reps. There are three scenarios where I could see really needing a playbook. First, we've launched a new solution. I've been through product training and I have a meeting tomorrow at 3pm. How am I getting ready for that meeting? Where do I go to find the right content? Second, you've asked me to call on a new buyer, the CMO. I'm not comfortable calling at this level, so how can I get prepared with the right insights and the right questions to ask to lead a meaningful discussion? Third, the company's moving to an industry specific approach. Now I'm calling on retail. Now do I get prepared to lead that discussion? What trends will I discuss and what relevant stories can I share in those everyday meetings I'm having?

Here's the takeaway: you need to start with the end in mind, thinking through how your sales people would use a playbook. We've just shared three common scenarios that we see. If interested, reach out and we'd be happy to share more specific examples.


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