Why Gilbane Needed a Sales Transformation Partner

Gilbane saw that a third party could be an objective catalyst for change. They engaged DSG to help accelerate progress in a way that would be difficult to drive internally. Gilbane was looking for a long-term partner with a proven sales transformation process and ability to support ongoing enablement.  

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Video Transcript

In the beginning, we thought we could do it internally, but after 6 months of experimenting with that we found that we were not able to focus on it to the level we thought we could and also drive consistency across our entire platform.

As they look at the sale transformation program there was general consensus internally that an outside 3rd party can be an objective catalyst for change and they can help us accelerate progress in a way that would be difficult if we tried to drive this initiative ourselves.

So, on the one hand we're outsiders who understand what best practice looks like, on the other hand we operate as insiders who know their culture, who have adopted their language, who've built relationships of trust and as a result can really architect the change that they're looking to achieve.

As DSG begins multi-year relationships with clients like Gilbane you learn a tremendous amount about their business, their strategies, what they're trying to accomplish into the future.

The value and the insight I would say, 3 key things. Number 1, it's process-oriented and process-driven. Number 2, it's interactive where DSG really became an extension of our organization. I think DSG is part of our culture and their viewed as an extension of myself and the Gilbane organization. The 3rd is discipline in the process, that you have to have discipline in order for any transformation to be effective.

So, it was that proven capacity to help transform a culture and to sustain behavioral change that they look to us and continue to partner with us going forward.


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