Your Sales Process Needs a Playbook

Without a sales process in place, your organization is missing opportunities to clone top performers, achieve consistent sales results and fully leverage the investment in your CRM. The best practice for creating and disseminating sales process is through an internal reference guide, called a playbook. A sales process playbook can provide your team with current practices and tools, compelling content and connections to customer buying milestones.

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Video Transcript

Let's say you have a CRM system and a sales methodology. Does this mean you have a sales process? Let's consider. Does your framework clearly define your roles and responsibilities of the selling team? Does it take the best practice activities of how your customer buys? And does it even take those existing tools, external tools, internal reference tools and customize it to match the capabilities and the sophistication of your selling team?

For many organizations, the answer is clearly no. It actually creates missed opportunities. Missed opportunities to clone your top performers. Missed opportunities to achieve consistent sales results. And then lastly, a missed opportunity to fully leverage the investment you made in CRM. So a best practice for creating and disseminating sales process is through a playbook.

A sales playbook that is an internal reference guide that has 3 components: 1. It's current. It's current in its structured framework around teaming and responsibilities. 2. It's compelling. It's compelling in the sense that we're gathering multiple levels of the organization who have sales responsibilities. Namely the managers and the reps that come together to create it. 3rd, connecting. It connects to the customer buying milestones. How does the customer buy? Not how do we sell? When we connect those 3 together, now we have better visibility into our pipeline and forecast. And it's much easier to coach to and reinforce, if I'm a sales manager.

The process really comes to life when you leverage videos and integrate it all with your CRM. Just like one of our manufacturing clients out of New York, who recognized that they wanted to move from being a product seller to a solution seller. Although the sales methodology behind solution selling is great, they needed more than just a generic methodology. Then needed a playbook. That's why they went with DSG.

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