Sales Messaging Playbooks

Sales messaging content by solution, industry, persona and competitor - created and packaged into sales ready playbooks

What to Know, Do, Say, & Show

Insights & Talk Tracks

The educated, risk-averse buyer is the “new normal” for most sales people. Creating conversational insights and a clear point-of-view will help your sales team influence the buying process.

Persona Sales Messaging

Salespeople who tailor their sales messages to the opportunities, challenges, and risks of each customer audience will be prepared for a much more meaningful dialogue.

Sales Messaging Categories

DSG leads the development of playbook content across a range of messaging categories


Enterprise Story

Enterprise messaging is the overall story. Your corporate message and positioning.

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Key Plays

Key plays are typically organized around a solution area, industry, persona, or partner.


Competitive messaging outlines how to differentiate vs. specific named competitors.

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Summary guide that maps out customer objectives, the solution, insights, discovery questions, and talking points.

Insight Whiteboards

A well-constructed whiteboard will create a dialogue around ideas and customer business issues vs. simply telling the customer insightful information and talking too much.

Playbook Mapping

Many organizations need an objective 3rd party assessment of existing sales messaging content and tools. Along with the plan for enabling sales by filling content gaps, creating playbooks, and driving utilization.


Analyze what you have today. Prioritize the
gaps. Build the organizing structure and plan
for creating and deploying playbooks over time.


Establish the process for keeping Playbooks
fresh and worth your salespeople’s effort in
returning to your content and tools.

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