Sales Process

Looking to improve consistency at the sales execution level? Align sales practices with your growth strategy? Scale your sales organization for growth?

Build momentum through a playbook approach to sales process implementation.

What is a Sales Process Playbook?

Having a CRM system and a sales methodology does not mean you have a sales process.

Sales Process Playbooks

DSG leads the creation of playbooks that define process steps, best practices, roles, tools and methodology to align existing teams and onboard new salespeople.

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Process opportunity management

Opportunity Management

An Opportunity Management Playbook maps out the system for managing a territory, managing a pipeline, managing the forecast, and navigating the customer buying process to win new business.

Process account development

Account Development

An Account Development Playbook provides a framework for going wider and deeper in existing accounts. How to validate client value, develop relationships, leverage new buying centers, cross sell, and upsell.

Process onboarding

New Hire Onboarding

A New Hire Onboarding Playbook helps a salesperson or sales manager ramp up as quickly as possible through a well defined path for mastering their job internally with your systems and organization and externally with customers.

Process partnering

Partner Engagement

A Partner Engagement Playbook equips channel managers to proactively enable and coach their partners as well as provides salespeople with practical guidance on how to effectively co-sell with partners if joint selling is part of the go-to-market approach.

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