Sales Strategy

Below the layers of business and marketing strategy, B2B organizations need a sales alignment strategy focused on requirements for sales enablement and change management

Creating Sales Strategy Alignment

Companies that are seeking to implement a new growth strategy often make some mistakes. One is that they fail to differentiate between business strategy, marketing strategy, and sales strategy

Summary of Findings

Summary of Findings documented as starting point for an Executive Alignment Workshop:

  • Voice of the Team

  • Critical Gaps

  • Findings

  • Recommendations

Example Change Vision

“One Pager” summary of the vision and how to get there including:

  • Why Change?

  • Why Now?

  • Current vs. Desired State

  • Program Overview

  • Success Metrics

Sales Strategy

Sales strategy decisions debated, confirmed and documented:

  • Sales Identity

  • Segments

  • Sales Plays

  • Sales Engagement

  • Coverage & Roles

Implementation Plan

12 - 18 month implementation plan for enablement and change management:

  • Resources & Timeline

  • Core Team Roles

  • Change Requirements

  • Playbook Strategy

  • Communication Plan

  • Measurement

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